Weekly Sunday Worship Services 10:00 AM (via Zoom)

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Sunday Worship

May 24th

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If you are not familiar with Zoom

General Information
We will gather at 10:00 AM for Sunday Worship using the Zoom teleconferencing platform. You can join us with any device with an internet browser, computer, tablet or smart phone. If you would like to join us please request the meeting information from cvccwebteam@gmail.com. Once you are provided the link you can click the link or enter the meeting number and password provided.  You can also just listen to the service with a regular touch tone phone. For phone access please dial the phone number which will be provided with the meeting information and follow the prompts to enter the meeting number and password. Please “arrive” (login) 5 to 10 minutes before 10:00 AM.  We typically start with a prelude a few minutes before 10:00.  We will be able to enjoy virtual coffee fellowship following the service. We look forward to seeing you Sunday.

Zoom Helpful Hints to improve your worship experience

Zoom view options: You can change the view settings in zoom the options are gallery view (think Brady Bunch), mini-view which shows the speaker filling most of the screen with small images on the outer edge or the least distracting of the views which is “speaker View” which shows just the speaker full screen everyone else is hidden. When in this view you will not see anyone just the videos full screen when they play. Zoom Etiquette: You control your own Audio and Video. You can turn your video on or leave it off. Steve, our host will mute everyone once the service starts. Please do not un-mute yourself unless you are scheduled to do a reading.  Everyone will be unmuted once the service ends.  When you speak while unmuted everyone in the meeting can hear you. Thank you.