Conway Village

Congregational Church

October 2023

The Good News!

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From the Deacons Bench

I write 2-3 pieces a year for the deacon’s message in the newsletter. To tell the truth, it’s not always easy to find a relevant and meaningful message. As the deadline loomed this week, I was updating my 10 year old phone today. True! I had my old cell phone since 2013…she was old, and it was time.

I entered the “maybe Horizon” store with a little more than apprehension. I was clueless. And as I sat in front of an employee with a two week employment history (I literally asked her how long she’d been doing this kind of work) I knew I had found my subject.

I knew I was going to “need the patience of Job” to get through this transfer. After all, don’t we all have precious information on our phones we don’t want to lose or have to recreate? As she tried to reassure me of the transfer of information from old phone to new phone, I was skeptical. It was, in my mind, going to be painful. It was…A 3-hour tour. (Poor Gilligan)

As I sat there watching a newbie try to navigate this process, I was honestly praying…for patience. I thought about the lesson in the story of Job. Amazingly, Job didn’t question God’s goodness or say anything sinful. Instead, he accepted the fact that God sometimes allows us to suffer. If suffering enters your life, trust that it can help you in some way. I was suffering through for sure. I was miserable.

It’s okay to cry out to the Lord when you are suffering. Thankfully, I cried out silently and did not make a huge scene in the cell phone store! Truth? I have a new phone and am thankful for it, as well as the reminder from Job. We all feel pressures and worry about holding ourselves together. Trust that your suffering is a teacher. I was reminded today, again, that patience is a virtue.

Is my new phone completely perfect? No. But God’s love and patience is…and sometimes it takes an unexpected reminder for us to remember that.

Wishing you all a spectacular autumn, Louise Saxby

Diaconate: Judy Workman and Louise Saxby, Co-Chairs;  Beth Campbell, Dawn Vitters, Nancy Divine

Women’s Bible Study Resumes

We will start Women’s Bible Study on Thursday, September 7 @ 9:30AM in the Conference Room. We will continue with The Chosen, Season 2, Episode 7. We will hold a make-up viewing session Tuesday, the 5th @ 9:30, in case you missed # 5 (John the Baptist visits, Mary Magdalene is trauma- tized by a visitor, etc.). Also, Wednesday, the 6th @ 9:30 we will continue with # 6 (Peter & Matthew search for Mary, group struggles with lack of food and bad news about John the Baptist, Jesus con- tinues to upset the Pharisees.).

Everyone is Welcome!

Any questions, call the church office to let me know. Judy

December 2nd Christmas Themed Fundraiser Event

Mark your calendar and tell your friends ~

For many years, the Conway Village Congregational Church held a multiday Holiday Fair in November, the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. We have not held this fair since 2019. Yet, it has been another casualty of the Covid-19 epidemic. Last year we held a Christmas Tree Lighting, Caroling and Hot Cocoa event which was well received.

This year we are combining parts of each of these events into a one-day Hometown Christmas Fair and Tree Lighting on December 2nd from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. At the fair, we will be selling sewn craft and wood craft items, Christmas greens, and baked goods. There will be a Pick-A-Prize Auction with prizes from local businesses or donated prizes from our church family & friends. A hot turkey sandwich lunch will be served 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Santa will arrive at 5:00 PM and lead us in Christmas carols and lighting the large Christmas tree in front of the church. We will then return to Fellowship Hall for hot cocoa and an area will be set up for children or family pictures with Santa. We will pick the winning tickets for the Pick-A-Prize Auction at around 6:00 PM.

We will be contacting local businesses to request dona- tions for our Pick-a-prize auction. If you are able to

obtain prizes for the auction, we would appreciate your contributions to the auction. Please contact Dawn Vitters or Nancy Irving if you are able to donate a prize for the auction. You can reach us via email to or call the church and leave a message with Melody in the church office.

From the Trustees

When we think October here at the Brown Church, we think the Fryeburg Fair. As noted last month, this is our biggest fundraiser. The more money we can make, the less we have to rely on other resources throughout the year to balance the budget.

We are still in need of volunteers in the booth and especially prepping apples for baking. You do not have to be a member of the church!!!

What is needed to prep? We have one person running the big peeler which cores and peels the apples. A number of tables are set up for individuals to cut/slice the apples. This makes them ready for the bakers.

Apples will arrive Tuesday the 26th and we will start processing the apples that afternoon.

This is the status of the sign ups and where we need help:

Apple Prepping coverage

Day shifts 8:30 – noon, Evening shifts 4:30- 7:00 (or whatever you can do).
Apple Processing – Peeling & Slicing – no experience necessary

Tuesday, Sept. 26th PM shift need 2
Wednesday, Sept. 27th AM shift need 1
Wednesday, Sept. 27th PM shift need 5
Thursday, Sept. 28th AM shift need 2
Thursday, Sept. 28th PM shift need 5
Friday, Sept. 29th PM shift need 5
Monday, Oct. 2nd AM shift need 2
Monday, Oct 2nd PM shift need 4
Tuesday, Oct. 3rd AM shift need 3 plus a person to operate the peeler
Tuesday, Oct. 3rd PM shift need 5
Wednesday, Oct. 4th AM shift need 3
Wednesday, Oct. 4th PM shift need 5 plus a person to operate the peeler
Thursday, Oct. 5th AM shift need 4 plus a person to operate the peeler
Thursday, Oct. 5th PM shift need 5 plus a person to operate the peeler

Booth coverage
Fryeburg Fair runs Sunday October 1st fhrough Sunday October 8th.
Booth coverage is split into two shifts: Day shift 11am-4pm, night shift 4pm-9pm.
Sunday Oct 1st Day shift need 2
Monday Oct 2nd Day shift need 2
Wednesday Oct 4th PM shift need 1 + 1 Lead person
(The shift Lead person should be familiar with booth operations & closing procedure for PM shift)
Thursday Oct 5th Day shift we need 3 + 1 Lead person
Friday Oct 6th Day shift need 1

If you are able to help, here is the link to the online sign-up form   or call or call the church 603-447-3851 or sign up at the church.

Board of Trustees: Chair: Anne Getchell, Asst. Chair: Nancy Divine, John Edgerton, Duddie Andrews, Nancy Irving and Tom Workman, ex officio member, Treasurer

The Little Girl of Long Ago

 The Little girl is beautiful, her father’s pride and joy,
Neer did she realize his prayer was for a boy.
Someone with which to hunt and fish in every kind of weather,
Catch frogs and bugs and wrestle with, spend precious time together.

As years go by this Little girl grows lovlier each day, Her father’s pride and happiness was etched upon his face.
How blissful was their bonding as time passed by so fast,
He cheered for her at all her sports and at her ballet class.

She’s now sixteen, a lady fair, and boys are all the scene,
They come, they go, they vie, they grow and ever will they scheme.
Each hoping he’s the gallant prince who finally wins her heart,
Her father’s in the background now and tears begin to smart.

She’s now a smiling, happy bride – this girl of long ago,
Her father walks her down the aisle with love that overflows.
He wishes her much happiness for many years to come.
That this new man in her life gives his princess joy and love.

Two years sped by and now there’s a healthy baby boy.
His grand-dad holds him in his arms he’s overcome with joy.
This Little girl of long ago has made his life complete
As he hides behind the sofa in a game of hide-and-seek.

Our children are our blessings rare,
For a little time they’re ours to share.

~ Mary Russo


On October 15, Outreach Sunday, the Outreach Committee will be having Sarah Davis from Davis Natural Produce of Conway. Sarah brings fresh produce during the summer to the Pantry which are given out to our clients. Sarah and her husband, Jake, run the farm. The Farm is located off the Kancamagus Highway, behind the Forestry Service office. They have an awesome website as well!

Check it out ~

The Outreach Committee will also be hosting coffee fellowship that Sunday.

The Food Pantry is also working with Cory Dowe from Conway Middle School. Her class is interested in the many aspects of how the pantry works. We will be sharing with them where we get our food, how the clients receive their food, and how the pantry is managed. We have worked with Corey and her class in the past. The last time was before Covid and the class made awesome homemade bread for our pantry!

Happy Fall !

Anne Getchell, Charlyne Gray, Charles Monaghan, Dawn Vitters Marilyn Hughes, and Sylvia Weld