Conway Village

Congregational Church

April 2022

The Good News!

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Praying for Peace in Ukraine

 In keeping with an ancient Celtic tradition, we were asked to bring stones to build a Peace Cairn. The idea is to lay down your symbolic weapons – the stones – and to balance them in cairns, symbolizing the balance needed to build peace.

Just over 100 people gathered Sunday, March 13th, for a prayer vigil for peace for Ukraine in North Conway’s Schouler Park. Also among them were two Ukrainian students, Anna Bondar, 17, and Daryna Sarediuk, 18, both from Fryeburg Academy. Sarediuk said: “It defi- nitely give us a lot of hope to see everyone here today saying their prayers out here and to see that people are thinking about us and our families.”

It was organized by the Clergy of the Eastern Slope, which included our Rev. John Hughes; the Reverand Mary Edes of Silver Lake; the Reverend John Hogue of the First Church of Christ, Congre- gational; the Reverand Nathan Hall of Lutheran Church of the Nativity; and the Reverand Gail Doktor of Jackson Community Church.

Edes and the Silver Lake Singers performed “Where There Is Light,”  “In Dangerous Times” and “This Is My Song” (Finlandia), and Let There Be Peace On Earth”, with attendees joining in. Four Ukrainian flags were flanked by two American flags at the north end of the park, and a POW MIA flag and Stars and Stripes flapped from the flagpole.

A highlight was placing stones brought by attendees to build a symbolic cairn meant to illustrate the balancing needed to bring about peace through diplomacy. Hughes explained that stones were mankind’s first weapons, and in the Celtic tradition, to lay down your stone was to lay down your weapon. He encourages the public to build cairns of peace in front of their properties and perhaps put Ukrainian flags into the cairns to show support.

Other presenters included Erica Banderob for Judith Felsen, Chavurah Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation; Barbara Lubin, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Tamworth; the Reverand Ann Cady of Christ Church Episcopal of North Conway; and Pastor Gerry Tilton of the First Church of Christ.

Courtesy The Conway Daily Sun; Tom Eastman; Photos Rachel Sharples

From the Trustees

We continue to welcome back new and familiar faces to the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings. On March 20th, we had 22 people at the service and 31 on zoom. If you are still on zoom, we would love to have you join us in the Sanctuary and visit with friends at coffee hour.

There will be some equipment upgrades in the Sanctuary and the web team will be moving their opera- tions to the back of the church.

We recently had another Cabinet/Goals meeting. We are looking at ways to bring in new activities and people to the church.

The Capital Campaign Committee has made some decisions on the work needed in the sanctuary. We thank all those who returned surveys. We are planning a Special meeting on Sunday, May 1st after the service. We hope you will plan to stay either in the Sanctuary or on zoom to listen to a discussion about the seating plans.

MAY 4th- 9:00am church clean out day. We hope you can join us to go through all rooms, closets, nooks and crannies to clean out an accumulation of “stuff”. Some can be used at the garage sale. May 7th will be a continuation if needed.

MAY 21st- Spring Event 9- 2. We are planning garage, plant and bake sales, along

with a BBQ lunch. We are also working with Bob Bernhardt and Charlyne Grey to sell their creative work.

Co-Chairs: Anne Getchell,  Nancy Divine
Duddie Andrews,  John Edgerton,  Nancy Irving,  Paul Weld, Tom Workman
Ex-officio member Carl Vitters – Church Treasurer

Join us for Bible Studies.

Women’s Weekly Bible Study meets Thursdays at 9:30 am

Men’s Weekly Bible Study meets Fridays at 9:00 am

Both groups meet in the Church Conference Room located downstairs next to the church office.

Zoom access is available.

If you would like to more information on either group, please call the office at 603-447-3851 or email

One Great Hour of Sharing

When you give to One Great Hour of Sharingyou deploy resources to people in need all around the world, and in our own communities. When man-made or natural disasters strike, love responds.

March 27th was our first week of collections for One Great Hour of Sharing. We will continue to seek donations through April 17th. Please make your check payable to “CVCC” and write OGHS in the memo field.

Thank you for your support!

Outreach ~ Food Pantry

The Food Pantry Wish List will be revised often to reflect what is needed in the Pantry at the

time. Although gifts of food items are greatly appreciated, cash donations are more beneficial so that we can purchase items as they are needed. We are now purchasing meats and produce due to Fresh Rescue Program donations being down.

Marilyn Hughes has joined the Pantry Board! Welcome Marilyn! Also, after many years of ser- vice, Laura Sorensen has stepped down. A huge thank you to Laura for all of her time!

The number of families using our pantry have started coming back to where we were before Covid. Below are “Before” and “After” photos of the pantry shelves. This reflects only one day of servicing our clients! The need continues to grow each week! Your donations are always greatly appreciated. Thank you.


TO: All Members and Friends of the Conway Village Congregational Church

A Special Meeting of the Membership of the Conway Village Congregational Church will be held on Sunday, May 1st, 2022, at approximately 11:00 am in the Sanctuary of the Conway Village Congregational Church following worship. The meeting will be held in person and via Zoom platform. Voting will be done via roll call method. Please email or call the office for the phone in information. The purpose of this Annual Meeting will be:

  1. To discuss and determine the sanctuary
  2. To conduct any other business that may come to the floor of the

Dated at: Conway, New Hampshire, on the 22nd of March 2022

Dawn Vitters, Clerk

Diaconate Message

For some reason I have been thinking about what Easter was like when I was a child. The first Easter I remember was when my family was living in Bartlett. My Aunt Laura lived in New York and she sent me a new dress to wear to church. That was so exciting.

Back then we wore fancy hats and gloves on Easter Sunday. Easter baskets were filled with candy. Stuffed bunnies were in abundance. Sometimes live bunnies and chicks were also gifts.

Church was mandatory. As a child I did not really understand the true meaning of Easter. I knew Jesus died for us but didn’t realize what he endured to save us.

As I have grown in my faith I am overwhelmed and grateful for what he did for me and all of us. His love and devotion is mind boggling.

Suzanne Rancourt

Diaconate: Louise Saxby, Chair;  Beth Campbell, Secretary;  Dawn Vitters, Treasurer;   Judy Workman, Mitzi Fitch, and Suzanne Rancourt

April 17th Easter Sunday

Join us for Easter Worship and enjoy a free breakfast.

Sunrise Service: 5:55 A.M. on our church grounds (not across the street as we have done in the past).  Join us for this service then enjoy a breakfast brunch for fellowship!

Easter eggs will be given to children old and young!

Breakfast will be served from 6:30 a.m. until 9:00 a.m.

Bring a new tradition to your family by coming early and “staying late

Our regular weekly services to celebrate Easter will be held at 10:00am.

All are welcome! Come early, stay “late”!

Spring Event on May 21st   9-am to 2pm

The Spring Event will include: Plant Sale, Bake Sale, Yard Sale, Crafts and Luncheon.

Yard Sale items wanted!

Please donate items in good condition!

We are asking for household items in every category EXCEPT clothing, electronics, and upholstered furniture. Items can be brought to the church during business hours up until May 20th, please call the office, 603-447-3851, to arrange drop off location & time. Any other questions can be answered by calling Louise 603-662-7440.

Feel free to ask your family and friends to consider donating to our cause – useful items in good condition please!!

Bake Sale Items needed!

Please consider baking some items for the Bake Sale. A sign up sheet, will be provided at a later date.

Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated!

Mask Update

The church leadership has changed the mask policy for the church.  As of  March 6th, masks are no longer required if you are fully vaccinated.  If you are not fully vaccinated, we ask that you still wear a mask and social distance yourself from others. If you wish to still wear a mask in church that is totally up to you and if you wish to be social distanced from others just let the usher of the day know. We will be happy to seat you in an area away from others.”

If you have any questions, please see a member of the Trustees or Diaconate.

Thank you, the Church Leadership

April Worship Schedule/Lectionary

Sunday, April 3rd, 2022               Communion Sunday
Psalm 126
Isaiah 43:16-21
John 12:1-8
Sermon: “Remembering Jesus Christ

Sunday, April 10th                             Palm Sunday
Psalm 118:1-2, 19-24
Philippians 2:5-11
Luke 23:1-7, 12-18
Sermon: “The Scales of Justice

Thursday, April 14th                     Maundy Thursday, 6 :00 p.m.
Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19
1 Corinthians 11:23-26
Liturgy of the 3 Communions

Friday, April 15th –                       Good Friday, 6:00 p.m.
Liturgy of the 7 last words


Sunday, April 17th                        Easter Sunrise Service  5:55 a.m.
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
Luke 24:1-12
Reflection: “Complete Nonsense!

Sunday, April 17th                       Easter Sunday 10:00 a.m
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
Acts 10:34-43
John 20:11-18
Sermon: “Unexpected Joy

Sunday, April 24th
Psalm 150
Revelation 1:4-8
John 20:19-31
Sermon: “TBA

Food Pantry Wish List

This year for Lent, keep a

Daily Blessing List.