I often think about what faith means and why it is important in my life. I am not talking about “blind faith”, as I do not believe such a thing exists. I am talking about faith that I will be able to endure, grow through, and thrive past events, thoughts, or occurrences in life. People put their faith in things everyday, we put faith in that our breakfast will carry us to the next meal, our vehicle to our destination, our employers that they will compensate us for our work, in our homes that they will provide us shelter, and on and on… I have faith in all these things but I also have faith in God as personified as Jesus Christ. Now does that mean that I believe there is a supreme being sitting in the clouds with a notebook taking tally of my life and decisions? I don’t know and that is the topic for another post. What it means is that I am able to, when times or events seem insurmountable, take refuge in the written history and word of Jesus Christ. My faith, which has been born of my experiences, is that I will be okay. In my faith in God I have an anchor to which I can steady myself. I have had conversations with Atheists who have asked me why I would trust in something I cannot see, touch, or feel and in whom there is little actual evidence of, my answer has always been simple, faith in this brings me comfort and calm where it would not otherwise exist.

“You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness to light. With your help I can run through a barricade; with you my God I can scale a wall.” Psalms 18:28-29

Father God today I give you thanks and praise, thanks for your provision and all you have brought me through, and praise for your everlasting forgiveness and unconditional love for your children. Father you have provided, in the Word, a safe harbor for me against the storm of man, from all attacks, you raise me up and wrap me in the protection of your grace. Father I pray to follow the lessons set forth by your son Jesus Christ and that I may continue to find comfort in the storm. Amen!