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Conway Village

Congregational Church

October 2021

The Good News!

Pastor’s Message

“A Crowded Calendar”

When we look at the October Calendar in this month’s news letter – – it’s crowded! Thank God! Our self-help and recov- ery groups are returning, our Bible Study groups are in full swing, and our food programs (Pantry + Dinner Bell) are in regular operation (though still on a take-out basis only). It is clear we are still in a “betwixt-and -between-time”, yet there is definite movement toward a return to the full operation of our Church community.

We can see the “blue” bands across the Calendar for Fryeburg Fair Preparations  and for the Fryeburg Fair . Volunteer  lists  are being placed  out for sign-up after worship  and online, and there is the hope that good souls will rally, creating the environment we need to successfully accomplish our fundraising and culinary tasks.   While the Pandemic has increased the costs of producing Apple Crisp (causing an increase in what we must charge at the Fair ), there is an excitement about providing a quality product that so many people enthusiastically return year after year to savor.

The next two months are key moments in the life of The Brown Church.  Our Steward- ship Program will be launched on Sunday, October 24th. We will need everyone’s prayer and participation!   We look forward to receiving  “the numbers” for our Capital Campaign which will allow us to realistically plan and execute that process. The Trustees and the Capital Cam- paign committees have been working and planning for funding our ongoing programs and for retooling our Church facilities to make them accomplish our future mission and service vision. These are huge tasks and responsibilities – – the Church has been unwavering in its commitment!

Psalm 26 has the Psalmist asking God to “Prove and try me … test my heart and mind.” It is the conviction and integrity that whatever God asks, the Psalmist humbly will accomplish, because he/she knows God will provide the faith needed to meet any challenge.  It is a fearful and fearless commitment!

We have experienced this committed faith this past year and a half. The challenges we have faced have been met with determination, enthusiasm, and creative adaptation. Our hearts, minds, and faith have been tested and continue to be tried, yet there is an enthusiasm that we are being strategically called by God. We have often felt as if we couldn ’t catch our breath, but at the same time, we have felt our hearts running over with gratitude.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. John Hughes
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From the Trustees

The fair and the apple crisp are back! The apples arrive soon and the peeler is oiled and ready to go. The church has been involved with the fair for decades. The booth sold many food items in the early days, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, pies, chili and more.  The early booth had a dirt floor,  the second booth was built on a trailer.

It was about 30 years ago that the church decided to sell apple crisp only. Twenty years ago the current trailer was purchased and has served us well. In the very early days, the church grossed about $3,000 for the whole week, and now can gross up to $23,000. This income is a major part of the annual budget. In order to have a successful week, we need volunteers to prep and cook the crisp and work the shifts at the booth.

The fair is part of the church’s history. Currently, there are a lot of openings for both the prep work and the booth. The prep work begins on September 29th and the fair runs October 3 -10. WE NEED YOUR HELP. You do not have to be a church member, any one can help out. Free fair parking & entry pass on the day you volunteer at the booth. If we are unable to make enough crisp or man the booth, then we will be unable to participate at the fair and lose our spot

Chair: Anne Getchell
Duddie Andrews,  John Edgerton,  Nancy Irving,  Paul Weld,  Tom Workman
Ex-officio member Carl Vitters – Church Treasurer

Capital Campaign Update

Future plans for our church are posted on the bulletin board in the hallway. We have also provided a copy in this month’s newsletter of the interior floorplans on the sanctuary and office/food pantry levels.

We continue to work with our architect and engineers to complete the plans and estimate costs. Meetings to discuss the proposals and costs will be held as approval by the congregation will be needed to proceed with the project.

Your Capital Campaign Steering Committee:

Anne Getchell,  Nancy Divine,  Carl Vitters,  Duddie Andrews ,   John Edgerton,  Louise Saxby,  Judy Workman,   Paul Weld,   Rev. John Hughes

From the Deacon’s Bench

We are Blessed, Help us Bless

As autumn has arrived, I think of Harvest. Last week in the Women’s Bible Study, we reviewed Israel’s Old Testament celebrations of thanksgiving to God for his blessings. One of those is the festival of Weeks celebrating the wheat harvest. We equate that to Thanksgiving. We also think of corn harvest and corn mazes. Then there is apple harvest and the Brown Church’s Famous Apple Crisp!

As I searched for scripture concerning harvest, I found Jesus’ words in Matthew 9:35-38 ~ “Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.  Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

What does this mean for us? God is the Lord of the harvest. He provides for our needs and by that He wants us to use our blessings to bless others. How do we reflect God’s bounty in our everyday lives?* How can we use our blessings, our time, our talents to bless others? How do we share His light in our lives with the world around us?

Times are tough. If we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to call.

Stay safe-stay healthy!

Let’s spread a little SONshine! Happy Autumn!

Judy Workman

Diaconate:  Louise Saxby, Mitzi Fitch, Judy Workman, Dawn Vitters, Suzanne Rancourt, Beth Campbell

Ode to the Fryeburg Fair

I hope you’re planning to go to the Fair
There’s much to see while you spend some time there.
The traffic is slow – the tempers are high
At the Fair your troubles will quickly pass by

There really is something for all to explore
The animals are primped as never before.
The horses, the oxen, – what can I say?
They’re washed and groomed, all set for display.

The cows and the sheep – such attention they’re given,
Each owner seeking that prodigious blue ribbon.
Oh look over there – horse-racing, oh my!
If you’re not super quick they’ve already gone by.

The men-folk are busy showing their strength
Chopping through wood at the shortest time length.
The ladies will flex a muscle or two~
Toss that ‘ole frypan – what’s the matter with you?

“Gee, I hope there’s going to be rides at the Fair”
The kids are shouting while on their ride there.
While young and old love chips and fried dough,
Cotton candy, apple crisp and a corn dog or two.

These are a few things you’re going to revisit,
There’s crafts of all kinds, baked goods and exhibits.
So mark the date on your calendar page
Make the Fryeburg Fair a must-see escapade.

The Fryeburg Fair is for young and for old,
So much to take in, so much to behold.

Mary Russo

Future Plans for the Conway Village Church

Interior Building Plans

 ~ Food Pantry Needs List  ~

Food Pantry Wish List 1

Ramen Noodles-Chicken and or Beef Rice-A-Roni-Chicken or Beef
Ketchup – 20 oz.
Mustard – 20 oz
Mayo – small jar
Stable Milk 32 oz.
Juice – orange or apple 64 oz.
Chicken Broth
Soup (small) – Chicken Noodle or Tomato
Canned Fruit -15 oz – any kind
Jelly – 16 oz. grape or strawberry
Canned Chicken and Tuna 5 oz.

Food Pantry Wish List 2

Canned Chicken and Tuna 5 oz.
Baked Beans – 15 oz. – any kind
Canned Pasta – 15 oz., any kind
Diced Tomatoes – 15 oz.
Tomato Sauce – 15 oz.
Pasta Sauce – (can) 15 oz.
Pasta Sauce – (jar) 32 oz.
Beef Stew – Can or Pouch
Boxed Spaghetti – 1lb.
Boxed macaroni – elbow 1lb.
Crackers – 1lb.

Food Pantry Wish List 3

Canned-Peas, Carrots, Green Beans, and corn – 15 oz.
Cold Cereal – 10.8 oz any kind
Instant Oatmeal – 1lb.
Paper Towels
Toilet paper – individually wrapped
Shampoo – White Rain or Suave – 24 oz.
Dawn Dish Detergent- small size
Laundry Detergent – Tide-small size
Lg. Laundry Detergent – Dollar Tree brand in green container
Hand Soap – Dial 2 or 3 pk bars