We interrupt our busy lives to pause – to step into sacred time.
Receptive, we experience God’s still voice; the truth that we are beloved and our lives are a gift.  
We lift our hearts in song, prayer, and thanksgiving; in joyful communion to live the truth of God.

 Praise God!

We are able to congregate for in-person Worship!

Thank you to all who continue to support the church and attend services over this unprecedented period. Typically, in troubling times people gravitate toward houses of worship. This was not possible during this Covid-19 pandemic. However, we were still able to gather each Sunday morning for worship services via Zoom.

Sunday Morning Worship Services in the church at 10:00 AM 

All are Welcome!

Gratefully, we are now able to return to in-person worship at the church. We welcome everyone back to the pews to greet each other in person and raise our voices in praise of our loving God. We will continue to offer the services via Zoom for those who prefer to worship from home or are unable to attend church. We hope you will join us for worship. Everyone is welcome at the Brown Church.

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Christmas Eve Services

Join us to celebrate Christ’s birth with a service of lessons and carols!
Click on the manger to register for either the 5:00 PM or 6:30 PM Christmas Eve Service

Our Doors Are Open

The Brown Church is a welcoming place that offers kindness, care, comfort and support to our church family and the community at large. We are a Bible-based, service-oriented community of faith.

First Time Visitors

We understand that attending a new church can be intimidating and the reasons for visiting, numerous. There is no one way to begin the process, but perusing our website is good starting point.

Feed The Hungry

Located in the heart of Conway Village for years has inclined us towards caring for the people of our Valley.  What began as a necessity in 1826, has become integral to our sense of place and an extension of our purpose.

Never place a period where God has placed a comma,  God is still speaking . . .

Bible Verse

A person may think their own ways are right, but the Lord weighs the heart.