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Conway Village

Congregational Church

July 2021

The Good News!

Pastor’s Message

Returning to Worship

“David and the whole house of Israel
were celebrating with all their might
before the Lord…”
2 Samuel 6:5

Returning to worship in Jerusalem, after being denied that freedom for so long, David and the whole nation return with exuberance. They play every instrument they can lay their hands on to sing their praises to God. We too will be returning to our Sanctuary on Sunday, July 4th, for the first time after a long absence.

Helping us raise our voices to God in praise will be Jane Wilcox Hively at the piano. Being a daughter of a former Minister and Interim Minister, the Rev. Dr. Richard Wilcox, makes Jane well acquaint- ed with our church. Jane received her voice training from a Bachelor of Music degree from Boston University and a Master’s in Music Degree from Schiller Colle-Strasbourg-France. She has studied opera in London, England and Celtic Harp studies in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has used her music at the Cotting School for Disabled Children in Lexington, MA. and performed regularly for MUSE (Music Service the Elderly) in the greater Boston area. Jane has taught voice at St. Paul’s School in Concord, N.H. and at Brewster and Fryeburg Academies. Her husband and she run “Mountain Stream Music” and play for weddings, seminars, and special occasions. She has played for two N.H. Gubernatorial Inaugurations. She is an accomplished harpist, guitarist, and dulcimer player as well as taking professional classes in playing the organ for 3 years in Portland, M.E.

Jane has agreed to serve as our Interim Music Director, Choir Director and Soloist. for the 2021 worship season. She looks forward to beginning Choir practice on Thursday, August 12th, at 7:00 p.m. with our Choir looking forward to beginning worshipping music in September.

For the foreseeable future, the parking around, and access to, our Church will be a problem. Construction has removed our parking area in front of the Brown Church, though we have been assured parking will be available each Sunday in the dirt area that has been created. The sidewalks have been removed, so walking surfaces will be uneven with loose gravel and dirt. People who have mobility issues should be allowed to use this area or the area behind the Church Building (on the lower level) or the parking spots on the drive normally used by our Pantry.  People who have no mobility issue may park behind the former Method- ist Church (across the street from the Brown Church) or in the School Parking lot. Those who feel these provisions are not safe for them may continue to use Zoom until the construction is finished.

On Sunday, July 4th we will be offering Communion and singing traditional and contemporary hymns while we see how music translates across the Zoom platform. Jane Wilcox Hively will be offering preservice music – a medley of American Spiritual Selections. We will of course return to singing our beloved hymns and our traditional liturgy.

Looking forward to exuberance and praise, Rev. John Hughes

Rev. John Hughes
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What would America look like
without its churches and
faith-based communities?

“Why bother with this teacher [Jesus]
Mark 5:35

      If our churches closed and our faith-based communities ceased to exist, the people who are most vulnerable would suffer. As fewer and fewer people find themselves in a house of worship each weekend, hearing about how faith groups are helping people in need does not happen. In light of this reality, Faith Counts, a nonprofit organization that works to boost religion’s image, has launched a new website spelling out how people of faith serve the broader world.
Did you know?
17% of hospitals in the U.S. are faith-based and
3.8 million American kids attend religious schools.
The Salvation Army, a religiously affiliated charity, has handed out more than 50 million free meals since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
Samaritans Purse, a faith-based religious group, set up the medical tents in Central Park, NYC to help with the onslaught of Covid-19 patients that needing tending.
Religion contributes 1.2 trillion dollars to the US economy.
Religion has 600,000 followers on social media, which gives us 1.4 million positive messages on a variety of social media platforms.
There are 344,000 US congregations.
There are 1.5 million programs that help society which are religiously based.
40% of the top charities in the USA are faith-based

These statistics show us that Our Faith Counts! Our faith works both to connect us to our own lives and, through love, kindness, and a deeper sense of purpose, it allows us to connect to people in need. The Brown Church of Conway Village is part of this great American reality.

Do you know someone who would like to be part of this revelation of faith?
Invite them to come with you to worship
or participate with you on Zoom.

Rev. John Hughes

Historical Corner

Few members of our congregation today remember Reverend Raymond E. Stineford
who died this past April. He was (with the possible exception of Dr. Wilcox), the most erudite pastor we have ever had.
Born in Oakland, Maine back in 1934 he was an only child. He did undergraduate work at Nasson College and received his ministerial credentials from the now defunct Bangor Theological Semi- nary. He was a graduate student in English at the University of New Hampshire. His students included the long-time administrator at Kennett High, the beloved Linda Burns. He taught at Thomas College as well as Nassau.
Mr. Stineford wrote poetry and essays for the Christian Science Monitor. Among his published works was a collection of poetry, published in 1968 by American Weave Press entitled, “Pattern and Voice.” Long a resident of Madison, he was on the Board of Directors of the Library and the Historical Society. He also served as a member of the first Board of Directors of the Gibson Senior Center.
Our Second Congregational Church, as it was then known, was fortunate to have the reverend serve us from 1971-1974 during the height of the Vietnam War. He allowed both sides to have a discussion on the war including several of our college members like Lloyd Henderson and Doug Burnell. There was great division among our members as there was in our nation. Fifteen members were added to the rolls during his pastorate including the Vierus Family, the Conway Sun’s, Patty (Young) Tilton, and my two brothers, Craig and Errol. Virginia Small, the business teacher at Kennett (for whom the Alumni Room is named) as well as church member, served a time as our secretary.
It was our great pleasure to reconnect with the Reverend and the Dr. when they lived at Saco Woods, and then at Mineral Springs. They both were so articulate. I helped them sell hundreds of books. Even the titles of many of the books were beyond me, it was a humbling experience. Sadly, the virus stopped our visits but the memories we all share, who had the good fortune, will remain.

Brian Wiggin

Church Historian


TO: All Members and Friends of the Conway Village Congregational Church

A Special Meeting of the Membership of the Conway Village Congregational Church will be held on Sunday, July 18, 2021, at approximately 11:00 am following the church service and via Zoom. As in the past the vote will be for members only and will be conducted by a show of hands and by roll call on Zoom. Please use the weekly link for the church service to partici- pate in this vote if you are attending by Zoom.

The purpose of this Special Meeting will be: To review the updated 2021 Budget

To review the proposed 2022 Budget.

To conduct any other business that may come to the floor of the meeting.

Dated at: Conway, New Hampshire, on the 24th of May 2021 Dawn Vitters, Clerk

Diaconate Message

On July 4, we will be ready to hold our worship services in Church. A lot of work and planning has been done to make this happen. A hybrid format is being created so that people will have the option of being in church or continue worshiping via zoom.

A special thanks to the CVCC web team and everyone involved for making Zoom worship possible.

Praise the Lord

Beth Campbell

The Diaconate

Diaconate:  Louise Saxby, Mitzi Fitch, Judy Workman, Dawn Vitters, Suzanne Rancourt, Beth Campbell

From the Trustees

Summer is finally here, schools are out and the temps have warmed up. With covid restrictions being lifted and people getting vaccinated, we hope you are able to get out more and enjoy time with friends and family.
The trustees met at the church and it is nice to be face to face again. There is more activity at the church and it is nice to hear voices in the hallways.
Melody has done a great job contacting old and new groups who want to get back to meeting at the church. We will have regular weekly cleanings and we are working on all the schedules at this time. The cleaning will be an added expense to the budget, since, as many of you know, Carl did all the cleaning for years at no cost.
We are still working on in house Sunday service combined with Zoom. We do expect to open to all in July.
The Fryeburg Fair is a go this year! We realize it is months off, but, as the church’s number one fundraiser, we need to be sure we will have the help to make the crisp and man the booth. There will be a “pre” fair volunteer sign up going out to get an idea of numbers interested. Many helpers are needed to share the work!
Please save the date, we will be having a Special Meeting on July 18th to give an update on the 2021 budge and a draft of the 2022 budget. You will be able to attend in person or by zoom.

Chair: Anne Getchell
Duddie Andrews,  John Edgerton,  Nancy Irving,  Kim Murdoch,  Paul Weld, Tom Workman
Ex-officio member Carl Vitters – Church Treasurer

Outreach Committee

The Food Pantry is looking for help on the first and second Thursday of each month with the NH Food Bank and USDA deliveries. Please contact Sylvia or Paul if you are interested in helping or have any questions.

On June 10th The Granite Group a new plumbing supply company in Conway Village held their open house. During this event they did a raffle the proceeds plus the company match benefited the Conway Village Church Food Pantry.  It is nice to have new businesses want to get involved in their new community. We extend our thanks for their generosity.

Sylvia & Paul Weld

Outreach Committee:

Silvia Weld,

Anne Getchell,

Dawn Vitters,

Laura Sorensen,

Charlyne Gray and

Charles Monaghan

Kennett Middle School Homemade Baked Bread Donations

Our Food Pantry has been very fortunate to receive homemade bread made by the Kennett Middle School students. The students were very excited to deliver their final round of bread to the food pantry on June 14th. They enjoyed having this partnership with the community and the Conway Village Congregational Church this past year.   The picture includes some of the student bakers with their bread. They also donated bags of flour which they no longer needed. Corey Dowe, Family and Consumer Science/Health Teacher from Kennett Middle School organized the project. The pantry clients have all enjoyed this wonderful homemade bread. What a treat for all!

A huge Thank You to all of the students for sharing their talents with our Food Pantry!

 ~ Food Pantry Needs List  ~

Food Pantry Wish List 1

Ramen Noodles-Chicken and or Beef Rice-A-Roni-Chicken or Beef
Ketchup – 20 oz.
Mustard – 20 oz
Mayo – small jar
Stable Milk 32 oz.
Juice – orange or apple 64 oz.
Chicken Broth
Soup (small) – Chicken Noodle or Tomato
Canned Fruit -15 oz – any kind
Jelly – 16 oz. grape or strawberry
Canned Chicken and Tuna 5 oz.

Food Pantry Wish List 2

Canned Chicken and Tuna 5 oz.
Baked Beans – 15 oz. – any kind
Canned Pasta – 15 oz., any kind
Diced Tomatoes – 15 oz.
Tomato Sauce – 15 oz.
Pasta Sauce – (can) 15 oz.
Pasta Sauce – (jar) 32 oz.
Beef Stew – Can or Pouch
Boxed Spaghetti – 1lb.
Boxed macaroni – elbow 1lb.
Crackers – 1lb.

Food Pantry Wish List 3

Canned-Peas, Carrots, Green Beans, and corn – 15 oz.
Cold Cereal – 10.8 oz any kind
Instant Oatmeal – 1lb.
Paper Towels
Toilet paper – individually wrapped
Shampoo – White Rain or Suave – 24 oz.
Dawn Dish Detergent- small size
Laundry Detergent – Tide-small size
Lg. Laundry Detergent – Dollar Tree brand in green container
Hand Soap – Dial 2 or 3 pk bars